The Plan

It all started with a plan. Why not take a bunch of time off work, and go travelling? We couldn’t make that happen….could we?

It didn’t take long, and the idea was beginning to become a reality. Our employers were amazing and soon agreed we could take up to three months off. We booked our flights. And we took our cork noticeboard (conveniently in the shape of a world map) and mapped out the trip.


The itinerary

A round-the-world ticket was the best way to plan our flights, and it also gives us a bit of flexibility if we want to make changes. So, this is the starting point for our journey:

We start in the USA – flying into New York, and fly out of San Francisco five and a half weeks later. We currently have about 17 plans for what we’re going to do on our journey across America!

We then have a short stay (10 days) in Sydney, Australia, and surrounding area.

After this, it’s off to New Zealand. We’re really excited about this bit, because our friends Doug and Julie live near Wellington and we haven’t seen them for ages! We fly into Wellington and out of Auckland three and a half weeks later.

Finally, on our way home, we stop off for a ten day visit to Japan, starting in Kyoto and flying out of Tokyo.

The rules of engagement

We’ve been lucky enough to do a fair bit of travelling in the past, so our trip is going to be based on what we know we enjoy….

1. We will travel by train as much as possible – we find it a relaxing and easy way to get around, and all the places we’re visiting have reasonable train networks.

2. Watch a fair bit of sport. We’re huge baseball fans (unusual in the UK!) but we’re also hoping to see other sports, including tennis at the US Open.

3. Eat lots of great food, including local specialities in the places we visit.

4. Take plenty of photos (and share them right here)

We will also share any stuff we learn about making travel easier, safer or more fun as we go on our trip.

It all started with a plan. A cork board world map and a piece of string. And the reality is now just a few weeks away.


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