Batting practice – getting into the swing of things

Saturday 6th September
New York City, USA

Batting Cages, Upper West Side
“Load, stride, twist and swing”

I’ve been playing baseball in the UK for a few months now (Go, Newton Aycliffe Spartans!). Joanna plays a bit too, and on game day is the team scorer. It’s a great game, and it’s been fantastic joining such a friendly (and very international!) team.

But I was keen to take advantage of being in the home of baseball to learn some more skills. Which is how I ended up at The Baseball Center NYC for my lesson with Anthony.


Anthony played at college before playing professionally across Italy. And boy, can he hit a baseball. The lesson was in a batting cage, basically the baseball equivalent of a golf driving range. The batting cage has a large pitching machine in it, that launches baseballs at you at a variety of speeds. I wasn’t quite at that stage, so was focusing on hitting balls off a large tee.

The lesson was excellent – exactly what I needed to get into my swing. I’ve still got a way to go, but now I really feel like I’ve got the basics – load, stride, twist and swing – and what it feels like to hit that baseball properly. Now I just need my back and arms to stop aching, and for the blisters on my hands to clear up, and I’ll be ready for another go!

Photo of the day
View of the One World Trade Center (also known as ‘Freedom Tower’) from our hotel room.



3 responses to “Batting practice – getting into the swing of things

  1. Loving getting this blog, great to know how you’re getting on, feel like I’m experiencing it with you. Great photos! Hx


  2. Hope the blisters soon heal. Great memories !


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