Hello. We are Simon and Joanna. We live in Gateshead in the North East of England, and we’ve been lucky enough to get 3 months off from our jobs to strike out around the world.

scan0001Our rules of engagement are:

1. We will travel by train as much as possible – we find it a relaxing and easy way to get around, and all the places we’re visiting have reasonable train networks.

2. Watch a fair bit of sport. We’re huge baseball fans (unusual in the UK!) but we’re also hoping to see other sports, including tennis at the US Open.

3. Eat lots of great food, including local specialities in the places we visit.

4. Take plenty of photos (and share them right here)

We will also share any stuff we learn about making travel easier, safer or more fun as we go on our trip.

If you’d like to follow our adventures, please come and visit our site, or sign up for email updates over on the right hand side.

Simon and Joanna

PS In case you’re wondering, the photos were taken at a recent wedding (congratulations, Emmy and Dave!). Hopefully we’ll manage some more flattering photos while we are away!


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